Beauty will save the world - Tatiana Pustovit represents the model industry through Art and Fashion

Credits: Bruce Smith @ Smithco Photo Images

by Matthew Simons


Tatiana Pustovit started her career in the fashion and model industry as an organizer of big international events in Russia, UAE, Italy. Modeling was always her dream. She began her journey by producing the first beauty pageant for children aged 5-10 in Sochi (Russia). Later on, she started to participate in many fashion shows, photoshoots, and promotions for different companies. She organized her own TV show on a Russian channel and became the host of the "Sochi2Day" TV program about fashion and art. Tatiana is a model and presenter for many Russian Global events, such as: Winter Olympic Games 2014, World Cup Championship 2018, Annual Formula One in Sochi, Russia.


Being a frequent traveler, she participates as a model in International Shows, Art and Fashion Festivals in Dubai Mercure Hotel, New Jersey MoRa Museum, Miami Klondike Fine Jewelry company, IMEX Dubai Luxury Real Estate.


Tatiana Pustovit 2
Credits: Bruce Smith @ Smithco Photo Images


Tatiana Pustovit has deep understanding and expertise in the history of art and the modern fashion luxury market. 'Fashion is both art and couture. The combination of prints of paintings by modern artists on clothes is an interesting fashion trend and I like to present such pieces of art. Posing in art galleries with paintings by contemporary artists, I feel like an element of abstractionism, a single whole work of art and beauty', says Tatiana.


The modeling industry in Tatiana's viewpoint is all about creating. Similar to a painting, she sees modeling as an art. People enjoy art! Beauty and beautiful women go together. Tatiana also views modeling as not just an exterior showcase of wardrobe, but also transforming from the inside and outside.


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Credits: Bruce Smith @ Smithco Photo Images


Tatiana believes that a woman doesn't have age and her beauty is a manifestation of the inner state of the soul. Women are always beautiful; each woman is a piece of art. Women's beauty will save the world. A stylish woman is double salvation.


Being a model, she wants to inspire others to believe in themselves, and reach their goals, just as she did. As a model and title holder Mrs. Miami US Nation 2022, Tatiana would like to show that Fashion can be showcased in a classy, elegant, intelligent manner.


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