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We care about Data Quality

Over 80% of the professional profiles on FMD have been added and are being managed by the professionals or their representatives.
Since 1998, FMD has built a large network of industry contacts and due to several requests by leading personalities and companies, we decided to develop and introduce a global profile management platform in the next step.
This means that fashion professionals will be able to update their own or legally representing profiles in the very near future, but always under professional and editorial supervision and support.
Until then, you are welcome to get in touch with our editors board if you are a professional listed on FMD.
In 2014, the FMD was re-launched under major industry supervision and is now part of the Fashion Government. We serve the fashion industry.


Although FMD is updated continually and we have taken good care to ensure that the information is accurate, we cannot guarantee that this is so in every case.
New information and corrections are always welcome and there is no better source of information than the person or company itself.
It is always nice to hear from fashion professionals. If you are a professional already listed on the site, we would love to hear from you. If you wish to provide further information, updates on your career/profile or any other information, please get in touch with our editors board.
Our beloved readers may still use the “report a modification” function where available.
All of the information contained on this site is available elsewhere in the public domain or has been provided by the professionals themselves, their families or their agencies.
We respect the privacy of all - if you are a fashion professional featured here and you object to the inclusion of any information relating to you, or if such information is incorrect, please contact us and we will gladly amend or delete it.
Apart from that, we encourage our users and visitors to report any corrections or missing information.


If you are not listed on FMD, but consider yourself to be a fashion professional, you are welcome to submit your profile suggestion for a review by our fashion experts.

Please use this submission form (temp.submit(·at·)fashionmodeldirectory.com for temporary submissions) to suggest professional profiles for new
  • Models
  • Agencies
  • Photographers
  • Brands
  • Designers
  • Magazines

or professional works such as
  • Fashion Editorials
  • Magazine Covers
  • Fashion shows
  • Catalogues
  • Lookbooks
  • Advertisements
  • Campaigns

Please allow us some time to review your proposals of modification and your submissions.

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