Since 2017, FMD is a non-profit data project and administered by a decentralized team of volunteers and supported by private sponsors.

"If you are listed on FMD, you are a professional."

Ok, we are the world’s largest fashion database, but that’s just one talent out of many.
Since its establishment in 1998, FMD has grown and gained experience within the fashion industry.

But now, over 20 years later, FMD is…
  • the world’s largest fashion database with over 1M+ credited fashion photographs , ten-thousands of professional fashion profiles. According to media sources, FMD is indisputably the most comprehensive and authoritative source of professional fashion information. If you know any larger database, please contact us and we will change this sentence immediately .
  • an innovative and young news agency focused on the fashion industry. No, we are not the largest news agency. We still have idols, like WWD.
  • for fashion brands and fashion clients, from A to Z, from your start-up to the biggest brands. We have them all browsing on our 2,5M fashion content pages.
  • the bread and butter of fashion. We offer all professional modeling agencies services which have been reserved only to the top-earning agencies in the past. Others charge, we provide them for free.
  • a magazine. Yes, we consider ourselves also a modern digital magazine. Let’s call it a fashionzine, modizine or digizine. Or Datazine?
  • made of an international team of volunteering fashion experts.
  • a scientific-backed source for researchers in fashion. Over the years, hundreds of universities have cooperated with us.
  • a news, data and content provider to the world’s biggest companies, online properties and media networks, like Google, Wikipedia, IMDB, NY Times, Daily Mail, The Sun, NY Post,, USA Today,, just to mention the five per mille.
  • reaching some 2M readers and over 500M network readers per month. Upward trend.
  • providing the first “on-the-fly” crediting system called Credifair, our mission is to have a fully credited and professional repository of photographic masterpieces.
  • fighting against scam and fraud in the fashion industry with notable partners such as the ScotlandYard , several police departments around the world as well as the BBB.
But that shouldn’t be all.

FMD is not...
  • a modeling agency. Unfortunately, hundreds of aspiring models still think we are a modeling agency. That’s not the case, but we are – soon – the best industry–connected scouting platform. You can check back soon if you want to be scouted by the leading modeling agencies.
  • a place to buy promotion for models. We don’t sell “Top” rankings or infographics. Never.
  • a place to buy advertising campaigns for modeling agencies . We are a neutral authority within the modeling industry and we have no plans to change that.
  • your competitor. While we like competition, we still prefer partnerships. If you feel like you have great content, ideas or also fashion blogs for us, get in touch with us here.

Ready for the next big name?
A central authority for the fashion and luxury industry. Since 1998.