The new FMD took a long way to become what it is today.

Starting out as a database devoted to professional fashion models in 1998, FMD underwent a continual progress of development and expansion of its core field, resulting in a full coverage of authoritative fashion information that we are finally presenting you with our new FMD.
Our team of passionate editors, supported by an incredible number of influential brands and fashion houses, renowned fashion editors from high-class magazines, but also modeling agencies, has completed the final step of introducing another database for appreciable fashion works that includes fashion shows, catalogues, advertisement campaigns and look books. The database starts out with over 4K fully credited work profiles with the primary goal of listing all available fashion information.

Another notable milestone in FMD’s development plan is the photographers' database, a feature that has been requested by a pool of professional fashion photographers over the last few years , and that is now part of our extensive set of databases with almost 2,000 professional photographer profiles and their associated masterpieces across the whole FMD.

A further improvement and key milestone has been the full redesign of over 3,000 fashion brand logos, an optimization that was not only necessary to reach the highest professional level, but also to optimize the data quality.
I am also personally pleased to present a revised agencies database with a complete redesign of their logos to a vector format, something that can be considered a special tribute to honor the agencies industry.
The models database has been extended by some new functions. Some of these are not yet available to the public but will soon be. Others, like the social media updates and the FMD Card, are the beginning of a major expansion of the model profile functions of a groundbreaking character. The FMD Card is a composite card, created for models and their clients, that has been optimized for print out but can also be downloaded, and that will be fully customizable by the models, agencies or their representative.

As an outstanding and influential industry resource, FMD has been a useful tool for numerous fashion professionals and decision makers in the past, and is constantly developing and extending its features and functions to simplify research and development with its millions of content pages.
It has been our primary goal to catalog every important detail about fashion and its designers, brands, magazines and in particular its professional female models, their stats, which fashion shows they walked in, what covers they appeared on, the ads, fashion editorials and campaigns they have done, to which agencies they are represented by.

In our new FMD, we decided to move onto the next level of professionalism and to not only remain a fashion database, but furthermore a universal fashion industry platform, with the focus on delivering uniquely and supporting new features to serve the fashion industry. Over 15 years of experience has made FMD with ten-thousands of magazines, editorials, designers, brands, photographers, work profiles, modeling agencies as well as thousands of biographies, a useful instrument to help fashion professionals improve their creative decisions.

Last but not least, like every major change, many functions have changed and improved. Nevertheless, we ask our loyal readers to share their much appreciated feedback on the new FMD by contacting us.

Enjoy your stay!
Iva Mirbach

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