Because FMD is a trusted service, it is not uncommon for Scammers to impersonate FMD with fake emails and websites. They often pose as talent representatives offering modeling opportunities. These messages are illegal spam and the senders are not FMD representatives.

FMD is exclusively represented by its masthead, which can be found here , and its executive board that only communicates in rare cases with its users. We never send emails from Accounts or other public email domains. Further, FMD is not into the business of talent scouting and will never contact anyone requesting personal information such as photographs.

To report suspicious emails to FMD, use the contact us form or email us at [email protected] and we'll investigate things for you.

The following is one of the most common cases that FMD is aware of and tips to help prevent you from being victimized.

Modeling Opportunity Scam

  • Email contains the subject line “Modeling Opportunity”.
  • The scammer poses as a Scout/Talent Search executive from FMD.
  • The message falsely states that the recipient has been selected for a bikini shoot with a brand named 'Quicksilver'.
  • It further asks the candidate to upload images of themselves via a file sharing service such as Dropbox using specific credentials.

Tips for Avoiding Scams & Frauds:

  • Don’t believe the hype.
  • Independently verify claims.
  • Research the opportunity.
  • Beware of high-pressure pitches.
  • Always be skeptical.
  • Drop us a line.

Note: The FMD takes fraud as a serious offense and works closely with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, the Federal Communications Commission and the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center .

Last Update: January 26th 2016

Please contact us if you have questions to the above warning.

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