Balenciaga launches exclusive playlists on Apple Music

Spanish luxury fashion house Balenciaga has announced that it will be launching a new channel on the Apple Music platform.

The channel will feature a series of playlists to be released roughly every two months curated by Creative Director Demna Gvasalia as well as artists from the Balenciaga community. The first playlist titled 'Hello, My Name Is Demna' will feature 13 hours of the designers' favorite music and will comprise of artists who have inspired his life and his creations.

'The playlists of Balenciaga x Apple Music will be composed by some of my favorite musical artists, whom I have personally selected. These playlists will represent their personal tastes and influences, giving an insight into what they are listening to in their own lives. To start the project, I decided to publish my own playlist, consisting of 13 hours of music, including some of my favorite songs and which I listen to every day. This playlist is a musical introduction and a representation of me. That's why it's called Hello, My Name is Demna,' explained Gvasalia.

Each playlist will be accompanied by limited edition product drops comprising of T-shirts and accessories that have been inspired by the chosen artists and merchandise found at music concerts. The first drop will be released with the first playlist on September 10 and will comprise of a mini collection of distressed hoodies and tees featuring the classic 'Hello, My Name Is' Demna sticker. The collection will be available for purchase in some stores as well as on

The Balenciaga x Apple Music playlist will be released on Apple Music on September 10th at 6 p.m.

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