Frederic Molenac was born in Pau, France, in 1964. He studied at the Bercot Institute, graduating in 1983.

He started his career in fashion with Claude Montana and Jean-Paul Gaultier from 1983 to 1986. Alongside, he also worked as a freelance designer for Myma shoes and Mailfix underclothing.

Frederic Molenac launched his own label in 1987, calling his first collection "Shepherdess Madness". After several years of designing under his own label, he took up the position of Head Designer at the house of Madame Gres in 1995. He remained there for several years, before leaving to present own collections.

He is a master tailor and draper. Commercially successful in ready-to-wear, he also brings success to haute couture. Molenac's fabrics are innovative with a tendency to use thin, delicate leather in jackets and dresses.

In October 1996, Molenac showed his Spring 97 collection in Osaka, Japan.

Included in his Fall 2001 collection was one black dress made of leather lace, held together with tongue-ring-like piercings.

Bondage was another theme, and there were lots of belts, straps and buckles. Colours were few, but the collection was not bleak. His use of light grey introduced an alternative to winter white. His clothes made a real hit at London Fashion Week.

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