Georges Doeuillet was born in France around 1875.

In 1900, George Doeuillet founded a couture house in Paris. He had trained with the Callot sisters in Paris for several years, prior to opening his own house.

In 1900, there was an exhibition of Haute Couture gowns at the Paris Exposition Universelle. Georges Doeuillet was one of the couturiers to exhibit his creations at the exhibition.

Doeuillet designed highly detailed dresses of elaborate design, and was very successful throughout the first two decades of the 20th century. In 1915, he included in his collection a black velvet and taffeta dress with the newly popular tiered handkerchief hem. In 1917, he introduced the barrel-line silhouette.

In 1919, one of his gowns was a white satin brocade chemise with the new straight look and short skirt, which anticipated the look of the 20's following by so many designers later.

In 1926, he was right in fashion with his very short skirted black satin dress, brocaded with flowers, with an uneven butterfly hem.

In 1929, Jacques Doucet died so Doeuillet took over his house and clientele as well as his own. He continued to make very popular gowns for nearly a decade more.

The house closed in 1937.

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