Frank X. Leyendecker was born Franz X. Leyendecker to Peter and Elizabeth Ortsifen Leyendecker on January 19th 1878, in Montabaur, Germany. The family included Adolph aged 12, August aged 10, Joseph aged 8 and Franz aged 4.

In July 1882, the whole family emigrated to New York, USA, and eventually settled in Chicago, sponsored by Elizabeth's brother who worked for a brewery there. Frank and Joseph both displayed artistic talent. Frank joined Carl Brandt as an apprentice to learn how to do stained glass work. Joseph went to study at the Julian Academy and became a pupil of Benjamin Constant and Jean-Paul Laurens.

In 1896 the family decided that Joseph was the artistic genius and scraped together enough money to send him to Paris to study art. Frank, his younger brother went along although it was hard to tell which brother did the paintings. They both attended the Academy Julien and were considered to be talented. They returned to America in 1898 and opened a studio in Chicago.

Frank had success doing covers for several magazines such as Collier's, The Popular Magazine, McClure's, Life, Vanity Fair, Success and Vogue fashion magazine.

He became famous for his exquisite drawings, detail and use of colour. In all he did 11 covers for Vogue, and many other contributions within the magazine.

In 1909, he moved to New Rochelle, New York and lived there with his brother. There he unexpectedly died on April 18th 1924 at the young age of 46.

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