Fabio Sasso is an Italian who has continued his family traditions, from a time when his mother was a tailor and his grandmother knitted.

Juan Caro is from South America, and moved to Europe where he specialized in visual art. Juan associates his first memories of fashion with the dresses tailored for his mother.

They met in Bologna where Fabio graduated from Dams and Juan studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti.

Their strong point is represented in their prints: visionary, eclectic, capable of mixing Fabio's baroque and decorative styles with the neo-gothic details of Juan, and to gain quick success.

Who is on Next? 2009 was true confirmation of the public's and buyer's appreciation for their work. This took them on to win the Fashion Incubator prize in 2008, which saw their collection Life with butterflies onto the catwalk in Milan and Tokyo and also saw them take part in Pitti Immagine Rooms and Pitti W_Woman Precollection in Firenze and Touch! Neozone-Cloudnine in Milano.

They also word for the Furla accessory collection, for which they have also designed a capsule collection for the Furla Talent Hub of printed garments for the Anteprima brand. They are also working on style consultancy for Paladini Lingerie.

The Look

Their creations are a show of balance and dialogue between art and fashion, inspired by themes such as the past, memory and the eclectic relationship between masculine/femminine. They choose materials such as duchess silk o technical materials ideal for creating effects of colour on the prints.

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