After presenting his bold first collection, „The Reincarnation“ in 1993 at Seoul Fashion Week, Lie quickly caught the attention of Korea’s most notable fashionistas. A few years later, the mayor of Seoul voted him the “Best Designer of the Year,” acknowledging his perpetual creativity and growing commercial success that set him above his peers. “The Lost Memoir,” his 2002 debut in Paris, successfully launched his signature designs on the Paris market, where he has been based ever since.

With his reputation at an all time high, Lie is one of the most influential people in South Korea. Not only has he dressed the contry’s First Lady, but also collaborated with top Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, KT & G, and Kuemho to create a “Lie Sang Bong” limited edition mobile phone, computer designs, cigarettes, home décor, and interior designs.

Known around the world as the “Korean McQueen,” he has been featured in numerous publications including Le Figaro, Telegraph, the New York Times, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Oyster, Standard, and W Magazine.

As an artist, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in Korea, the US, Europe, and the UK to promote fashion as an art form. Yet, Lie believes fashion should not focus on artistry to the point of becoming un-wearable; his fashion is defined by the lifestyle and culture of the people who wear it.

The Look

Lie Sang Bong is a part of new generation of designers emerging from Paris fashion scene who combines the creative elegance influenced from French fashion with the historic elements of Korea. His trademark silhouettes are recognized for their “architectural shape”. Unique volumes, splashes of ultra black, red, violets provide for a women’s ready to wear collection with an energized flair. When viewing his fashion show spectacles and when admiring his collection, it is not surprising that Lie Sang Bong came from a theatrical background. Poetic, sensitive yet forever powerful, Lie Sang Bong's diverse influences throughout the years have ranged from 1930s film noir heroines, the Imperial love affair between emperor Napoleon & his empress Josephine, to personal Korean poetry/calligraphy. His devout interest in diverse cultures and time periods, combined with his individual & fresh vision of the world of fashion guarantees an outstanding & always innovative array of creations.

Who Wears It

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Peaches, Lindsay Lohan, Juliette Binoche,

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