Elke Kramer is a Sydney-based graphic designer, illustrator, jewellery designer, art-director and flower picker. She studied design at COFA art school where she was trained in graphics, textiles, jewelry and ceramics.

Her love of all things peculiar lends itself to her curious, decorative and elaborate creative work.

After graduating she had stints working in-house for Oyster Magazine, Sass & Bide, and freelancing for three years across a multitude of mediums such as fashion textiles, website art-direction, magazine illustration and much more. As a freelance artist she has worked on RUSSH Magazine, logos & identity, yardage and t-shirts prints for New Zealand's Mala Brajkovic, campaign art direction for Bonds, POS for Lucky beer, T-shirts for The Presets, and guest illustrator for Yen Magazine (Jan/Feb & Mar/Apr 2006), before Michelle Robinson approached her to design jewellery for one of her shows. Elke Kramer did never intended to pursue jewellery design as a career but soon after the show, orders started coming in for her first “Skylark” pieces and her label grew quite organically from there. It was so liberating to finally produce her own designs and have free-reign over their conceptual development after years of freelance design for others.

The Look

Elke Kramer jewelry is a self -directed expression of her unique and multi -faceted creative abilities Rather than follow the trends of the market, her designs are the result of endless material exploration of unexpected production techniques. Great attention is paid to every single detail, and the emphasis is always on innovation. The resulting jewelry is a surprising and colourful ode to individuality, which is delightful to wear and own.

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