Christian Bédat was born on July 21st 1964.

After graduating from the H.E.C. business school in Lausanne in 1987, he left for Hong Kong to work for Eco Swiss China Time, heading the production of Benetton watches by Bulova.

He stayed there two years.

In 1990, he joined Raymond Weil in Geneva, the company founded in 1975 by Mr. Raymond Weil and his mother Simone Bédat.

Until July 1996, he worked in the purchasing, production and sales departments and gradually took charge of the design department. His last collection was the W1.

In July 1996, he left the company with his mother, Simone Bédat.

On October 8th 1996, they jointly founded Bédat & Co.

At the 1997 Basel Show, just six months after the brand was created, Christian Bédat presented its global concept along with two collections: N°3 and N°7, which were an immediate success.

Company founder Christian Bédat was also the creative talent behind the sophisticated Bédat & Co watches.

He leaves the company in October 2006.

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