Florian Ladstaetter is the Vienna-based designer behind eponymous jewellery brand FLorian. Though born in Germany in 1967, Florian grew up in Austria, where he completed a Diploma in Advanced Metal Design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. He then returned to Germany to study Philosophy in Munich.

Ever popular with stylists, Florian’s pieces have featured in magazines at the vanguard of fashion including W-magazine, AnOther Magazine, Japanese Vogue, Dazed&Confused and i-D. His work currently appears in private and public collections at the University and Museum of Applied Arts and the Museum of Technique, both in Vienna, the Austrian Ministry of Culture and Education and at London’s prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum.

Florian’s credentials boast an impressive array of awards, exhibitions and collaborations worldwide – from Belgium to San Francisco, London to Tokyo. Florian proves time and again that his capacity for design extends beyond his chosen genre of jewellery. He has created mirrors and chandeliers for Lobmeyr in Vienna, jewellery for Elizabeth Arden, sculptures, video-performances and photography, collaboration with renowned designer Hussein Chalayan, as well as running workshops at the Academy of Nuremberg and Duesseldorf and Hiko Mizuno College in Tokyo.

The Look

Florian Ladstaetter's jewellery designs keep unfolding a rich palate through strong contrasts between materials as well as a constant flow of new shapes. Often it is left to the wearer to vary the way she puts on the pieces to complete the look according to her personality and mood. While some of Florian's recent collections were kept in a dark, dusky atmosphere, he also focuses on gleaming sunlight: a wide spectrum of gold tones, white and natural brown create a bright and lively atmosphere within the different groups of designs, incorporating materials like metal, synthetics, wood and leather.

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