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founded by

Gianfranco Ferre

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IT Holding Group


The GF Ferr� line is part of the remarkable fashion universe brought to you by designer Gianfranco Ferre.

GF Ferre is the younger, more active line for men and women that remains faithful to the designing style of Gianfranco Ferre.

GF Ferre label was launched in 2003 to offer unique high quality garments and accessories to today�s young men and women. The creative concept which gives wings and clarity to the GF Ferre brand is best summed up in two words: vision and simplicity. Because GF stands for Go ever Forward. There are no limits and no barriers for GF Ferre when it comes to offer outstanding apparel to energetic and determined young men and women. The inimitable mix of casual and fashionable sophistication allows GF Ferre to suit every kind of experience and culture. The label draws its vital force from the richness of life itself.

The Look

The GF Ferre women�s collection is a stylish voyage along the best design ideas of Gianfranco Ferre. GF Ferre signature shapes and lines are forever open to rich and original interpretation that charms and chains the minds of men. Moreover, the color ways, patterns and prints are always in global harmony.
The GF Ferre men�s collection is designed for a man who knows how to express his intelligence and active personality through his apparel. It offers discreet luxury and the highest quality that emerges from a distinct and artfully constructed silhouette. The lean lines of jackets juxtapose perfect with the pant shapes. And every garment is manufactured only from the best and gorgeous fibers.


1984 Gianfranco Ferre (W)
1986 Gianfranco Ferre Uomo
1992 Ferre de Ferre
1993 Gieffeffe
1997 GFF Donna (W)
1997 GFF Uomo (M)
1998 Gianfranco Ferre 20
1998 Gianfranco Ferre Golf
1998 Gianfranco Ferre Sport
1999 Pontaccio 21 (M)
2004 GFF Ferre Lui (M)
2004 GFF Ferre Lei (W)

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