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Golden Goose Deluxe Brand was created by Francesca and Alessandro Gallo in 2000, the brand is born from the big common passion that they have for fashion and art.

Alessandro and Francesca always like to consider themselves self-taught designers. Actually their works began from a collaboration with a famous Venetian tradition�s tailor who is a sincere friend of them that realized some of their ideas. Immediately were created clothes that combine style, elegance and modernity.

The experiment of new fits, together with typical classic manufacture of �made in Italy�, since the beginning got to creations appreciated by customers who were looking for something special to wear every day.

The decision to launch a few pieces man�s and woman�s collection started in 2001. The two designers immediately decided to produce the collection by themselves and sold it with the support of a selected group of workrooms. This let the designers to learn the techniques, to control the work in progress and to maintain a close relationship with customers.

Since the beginning their collections have shown the brand�s philosophy, a style which wisely mixed rules of Italian tailoring�tradition and research of fabrics with their passion for the elegance of British style.

The result is a modern and sophisticated image.

Alessandro and Francesca aim is always to design clothes that last and make feel special people who wears them. So what they say � it�s born like a dream of two people in love united from a strong passion� became quickly a job that, thanks to its simplicity, has got more and more international success.

The inexperience of classical fashion� studies permitted them, ambitious and determined, to test and to learn, being free from statements and influences that often make all collections too similar.

Another strong choise of Alessandro e Francesca is to be very close to the collections� sale for not loosing the contact with topical interest and customers� feelings.

Collection after collection the matured experience allows them to try always new techniques and increase quality.

A search of quality joined with a refined almost �maniacal� care for details has become soon the peculiar feature of their style.

An important change for the maison is represented by the fall/winter� collection of 2004. In fact it�s launched for the first time the �golden boot�, a new way to interpret the texan�s boot. The entrance in american�s market started from this.

In 2004 they added the new �750� collection that completed their idea of style. Indeed it�s a collection of T-shirt and jersey, a combination of simple manufacture, modernity, femininity� of lines and suitable prices.

The peculiar mark of Golden Goose is founded on the search of a life� style that goes farther than fashion. This takes the designers to create a footwear� and an accessories� collection which are necessary to complete their image.

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