Gianfranco Ferr�
Via Pontaccio 21
20121 Milan
+ 39 02 721341


founded by

Gianfranco Ferre

belongs to

IT Holding Group


In the nineties, the house branched out with sportier ready-to-wear, fur, and high-end accessories under FERR� Milano.

FERR� Milano collection is positioned parallel to the main line, Gianfranco Ferr�. As Gianfranco Ferr� creates apparel and accessories with a natural propensity for timeless sophistication and excellence in quality, innovation and exclusivity, Ferr� Milano - the ready-to-wear line - reflects the same creative vision and design direction, without ever becoming a mere re-elaboration.

The Look

Capturing the sophisticated-contemporary appeal of Gianfranco's fashion concept in an easy, immediate, approachable manner, this Italian ready-to-wear collection is conceived for people who recognize the expressions of instant luxury, modernity and an unmistakable style, and individuals who are more in tune with contemporary urban trends.


1984 Gianfranco Ferre (W)
1986 Gianfranco Ferre Uomo
1992 Ferre de Ferre
1993 Gieffeffe
1997 GFF Donna (W)
1997 GFF Uomo (M)
1998 Gianfranco Ferre 20
1998 Gianfranco Ferre Golf
1998 Gianfranco Ferre Sport
1999 Pontaccio 21 (M)
2004 GFF Ferre Lui (M)
2004 GFF Ferre Lei (W)

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