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Henry Cotton�s brand�s name comes from one of the most important golfers worldwide, popular for his ability as a sportsman as well as for his style and elegance.

The brand was established near the end of the 70s, following the period's creative wave, and offers a total collection of Anglo-American looks. The brand became successful in the early 80s by creating a revolutionary jacket in leather and oiled fabric, that became the brand's distinctive feature - it represents a taste that will prove the success of Henry Cotton's over time.

In 1998 the Modern Country-inspired campaign started together with a decisive activity of brand repositioning that reached climax with the 2000's stylistic renovation. In the following years an ever-evolving strategy is implemented, where product research and development, in particular for womens wear, lends to the Modern Country-inspired collection an innovative, more enjoyable and playful touch. The change of the corporate structure in December 2005 leads to an important development plan, with the company increasingly oriented towards foreign markets, thus enhancing Henry Cotton�s and the group�s other brands� potential.

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