Morilee Celebrates 70th Anniversary with Fall 2024 collection

New York-based bridal label Morilee celebrated its 70th Anniversary with a new Fall 2024 collection.

Titled 'The Platinum Collection' it was unveiled during October's New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week and comprises of brand's bestselling designs over the past seven decades from its various bridal lines: Morilee, Blu, Amy & Eve, Julietta, Madeline Gardner Signature, The Other White Dress, and Madeline.

Featuring innovative textures, fresh necklines, fluid draping, and luminous hand-beaded details, the archival-inspired collection is versatile and combines the brand's signature timeless elegance with contemporary designs that resonate with the modern bride.

'Morilee has become such an important part of the fabric of my being. As a designer, I've grown with this amazing company through endless opportunity to create beauty for our Brides, their families and friends. As we celebrate this incredible milestone in our lives, I am so appreciative to share in all the special moments I've been blessed to be included in, and look forward to continue making dreams come true,' said Morilee Chief Design & Creative Officer Madeline Gardner.

'My commitment and mission is to always celebrate and embrace the rich legacy of Morilee, while continuing to evolve and create an innovative and meaningful experience for all. Sharing in your lifetime of memorable moments and special occasions is what we at Morilee value and cherish most,' said Morilee Chief Executive Officer Terri Eagle.

Founded in 1953 by Evlynn Udell, alongside her brother Morvin Leibowitz, Morilee has grown from a New York City family founded business to a Global bridal authority. The brand is known for its awe-inspiring personalized gowns that are hand-crafted by expert artisans and are the heart of everlasting memories.

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