Amica is a new project , that’s complete from top to bottom. Fashion and news aren’t mutually exclusive. Fashion is news particularly for those who love it enough to buy a monthly magazine dedicated to the subject. Fashion reflects and draws its inspiration from current events.

Amica is journalism. It interprets the traditional themes of women’s magazines -- fashion, beauty, health -- from a whole new perspective. Its coverage spans the most traditional lifestyle themes right through to fashion, with intriguing exposés on the latest trends, fads and pleasures, without overlooking who’s hot or the world of men.

Amica is the reader's confidant,a friend who, with a tone that’s sometimes playful and self-effacing, explores the world of the female identity.

Fashion is the star of Amica.

Amica talks fashion and shows fashion through the work of exceptional photographers who capture the most select clothes and styles.

Amica's graphic design is the work of an in-house design team. This guarantees that the design will grow with the magazine, while remaining true to its principles of elegance, simplicity and a choice of images that must always spark the reader’s imagination.

Amica is aimed at an educated and inquisitive readership. Readers who use more than one source for information, who can interpret issues for themselves, and who are able to appreciate irony and a touch of fun.

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