Io Donna is the female counterpart of Corriere della Sera, from which it has inherited its authoritativeness, flavor, and balance.

It's the magazine that has changed what it means to be a woman in Italy.

Its target audience is the woman who knows how to strike a balance between commitments, culture, and the most typical women's interests, such as fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, decor, and cuisine.

Io Donna readers have a split personality: alongside the busy, sophisticated woman, there's a more feminine woman, looking for health and beauty advice.

The magazine's format reflects this dual nature, with every issue beginning with an attention-getting cover story dedicated to a high-profile woman, from where it branches off into the classic structure of women's magazines for a refined readership.

Io Donna has a unique editorial formula for reporting on fashion: every week this magazine reports on fashion as if it were tackling a story, a single theme covered with the aid of the imagination and fashion items.

The result is a new discovery with every edition. The setting for and the themes of the fashion pieces are of such originality that Io Donna truly brings to life clothing items and accessories.

Io Donna, on account of its versatility and creativity, of the rich imagination of its editorial staff and collaborators is also an effective medium that is fully equipped to conceive and execute special operations tailored to its customers’ needs.

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