Serge Cajfinger, designer of the label PAULE KA which he launched in 1987, was born in Lille but he spent his entire childhood in Brazil.

Passionate about fashion, he embarked on his meteoric rise at the age of sixteen as a window dresser for the Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique in Lille.

Already back in 1974, aged only 19, Serge Cajfinger, founded a fashion boutique in Lille with his mother and aunt Paule. This was the beginning of a story, his first footsteps into the metier. Always attentive to his client’s needs and a keen spotter of trends of the moment, Serge rapidly widened the shop’s appeal by showcasing the latest fashion talent.

In 1987 Serge Cajfinger entered a decisive stage of this career by launching his first stand alone collection under the label PAULE KA, distributed selectively in parisian shops such as Victoire, Franck & Fils as well as the Galleries Lafayette and Barney’s in New York.

The Look

Serge Cajfinger creates clothes which reflect a shared life between two continents, Porto Alegre, Brazil and Paris, France. This subtile mix of influences proves to be a constant source of inspiration for him which results in avant-guard variatrions. Serge Cajfinger has always prioritised simplicity in the shapes he creates . He imagines the archetypal Parisian woman of dreams with a timeless style and subtile elegance and plays discretely with understated luxury in his collections punctuated with refined detail which gives a contomporary edge. Season after season, sharp modern cuts are associated with exceptional textiles where a hint of sensuality always lingers. This subtile twist creates the difference which allows PAULE KA’s style to transform women into ambassadors of Parisian Fashion.

Who Wears It

Selena Gomez, Frédérique Bel, Jana Pallaske, Duffy,

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