Ronit Zilkha was born in Israel in the mid-1960’s and came to Britain. After graduating with a BA(Hons) in Fashion Design, British designer Ronit Zilkha launched her first collection in 1991 and it became an overnight commercial success. She is happily married to Ofer Zilkha. Ronit has built up a loyal following of women looking for classic clothing with an edge.

She now has a business empire with 10 stand-alone stores and 11 concessions in the U.K. and a growing export business. Her strength lies in her ability to create clothes that go beyond the current season. Contemporary and classic, her creations can be worn forever, mixed with the current trend or fad and never look old. Her main showrooms are in London and Paris.

Zilkha has a licensing agreement with the Hokin Apparel Company for making her designs exclusively in Japan.

She has also recently become a consultant to the retail giant Littlewoods, in the U.K.

The Look

Alighting the catwalk since 1996 with an array of flirtatious, romantic and quirky collections, she has a keen eye for every intricate detail. Ronit caters to the needs of women from all walks of life who share the same desire for sensuous, feminine fabrics in fresh, luscious colors. It is this love of crafts and antique detail that spills over into Ronit’s collections throughout the seasons. Her strength lies in her ability to create clothes that goes beyond the current season. Contemporary and classic, Ronit Zilkha’s creations can be carried over to the next season, mixed with the current trend or fad, and the look does not look old nor tired. She has moved on from her business dressing style and is more laid back and slightly Bohemian, though wear ability is still the key. For Spring 2002, she has embroidered butterflies, pearly sequins and floppy hats, which catch the season's mood perfectly. She is a British fashion success story. Zilkha understands the complex needs of the modern woman who has to look feminine yet strong. Her clothes transcends trends. Before, Zilkha’s clothes are just geared towards the businesswoman. As her designs evolved, the current collections also cater to the woman in the spotlight including celebrities and Hollywood stars.

Who Wears It

Cherie Blair, Geri Halliwell, Paula Yates, Julia Roberts, Tamzin Outhwaite, Margheritta Taylor

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