Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci are the power duo behind the Italian jewelry brand, IOSSELLIANI. Born in Rome, Paolo began his career creating jewelry and accessories for famous turn-of-the- century designers, including Missoni, Fiorucci, and Anna Pianura for Crimson. For the past seasons, he has also worked with Kenzo and Antonio Marras. Roberta Paolucci is jewelry and interior designer.

In 1997, Giacomelli began working with designer and craftsman Roberta Paolucci. Together they established IOSSELLIANI as a way to more freely express their creative vision. They aim to create unique styles and focus on the careful handcrafting of each piece. As their collections developed, they began incorporating precious stones and metals, resulting in their luxury brand, Progetto AR100. In 1998, the pair created masks and bodices that were used for the Alessandro dell-Acqua catwalk.

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