Osanna Visconti di Modrone grew up in Rome. She and her late sister Turchese used to spend hours sitting and browsing their mother's jewellery drawers. A famous and unconventional roman lady, she paired her inherited family jewels with more contemporary pieces which were exclusively designed for her by artists like Lucio Fontana, Mastroianni, Ceroli and Pomodoro.

After a fun and amateurish début with Turchese, creating alphabetic gold cuffs which earned the Rebecchini sisters a good group of young elegant roman clients, Osanna decided that she was going to make her living out of jewellery. She thus left for NY where she integrated Christie's Jewellery Department while studying for her degree at the Gemmological Institute of America.

Back in Italy, she married Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone. To this day they live in Milan, with their four children. Her New York experience paired with the encounters she made with many of italian and international leading artists that her husband's gallery - Studio Visconti - represented, gave her plenty to work on. Her jewels and unique pieces combine this art background with the old italian craftmanship and jewellery tradition.

Osanna’spieces are handmade in limited edition in the lasts "laboratori orafi" of Milan and Rome. She has made a point of working with Italian craftsmen and of not looking to extra european countries for her production, firmly believing in protecting her roots and cultural inheritance. She herself is an artisan, part of the "making of " process of her pieces.

It is not difficult to find her working with beads, stones and metals while having friends around for drinks or checking on her children’s homework. She always thought she could only make jewels for her friends. Today she has gained an international private clientele as well as being sold in some of the most exclusive specialty stores of the world.

The Look

The attractive and stylish Contessa, designs for an eclectic woman interested in art, with style and an aesthetic sense. She has a predilection for 24K gold, because of its solar color and because of its softness which she cuts herself.

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