Patrick was raised macrobiotic, and grew up soaking up the effects of the cultural revolution of the 60’s, living on a commune on the Hudson River in the early 70’s. Reading about ‘Halston’ and leafing through ‘W’ inspired him to become a fashion designer. In 1982, his first hat collection was bought by Barneys, prior to that he had never worked for any “designers”, he then spent the next 20 years figuring out how to make clothing.

John Patrick’s ORGANIC collection started development in 2002 and the first piece was produced in 2003.

Last year, ORGANIC was selected as one of the finalists for the 2008 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

John Patrick ahs used Organic to advance the frontiers of green fashion. He was one of the first designers to develop a direct relationship with organic farm collectives in Peru. He has helped to innovate the use of botanical dyes, recycled fabrics and organic wool yarns, and resurrected traditional and effectively eco-conscious practices including hand-weaving and whole-animal leather production. Patrick has also served the fashion community as a whole by pushing his vendors in Japan to create next-generation sustainable textiles and his factories in China to adopt more sustainable manufacturing methods. Most recently, Patrick has committed Organic to more local sourcing and local production of each collection – smart business at the present dollar exchange rate, and a boon to his goal of attaining carbon neutrality for his brand.

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