Mary Jo Diehl and Roman Milišić are fashion designers behind the label House of Diehl. House of Diehl are one of those avant garde fashion labels whose clothes are more likely to be seen in an I-D editorial than a department store, but their clothes crop up occasionally on the red carpet and in music videos, on the likes of Naomi Watts and Eve (rapper). Their work has also been exhibited in art environments, including the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Deitch Projects gallery, the Priska C. Juschka gallery, and GAle GAtes et al.

They are best known for their rock'n'roll-style live fashion performance, called Instant Couture, with which they've supported Sonic Youth, and staged events at New York Fashion Week; at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria. Competitive Instant Couture is called Style battling, a growing art form, which has given rise to the "Style Wars" Style Battle Championship Tour, which occurred Fall 2007.

House of Diehl were the recipients of the Triumph International Fashion Award 2004/5.

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