Erickson Beamon has been a driving force in the fashion industry for over 23 years. The brand is a partnership between Vicki Beamon and Karen Erickson. Hometown friends from Detroit, Vicki and Karen shared a passion for music, the arts and of course fashion. It was not long before the two starry eyed girls left their mid west lives for the bright lights of New York and in 1982 Vicki and Karen settled in the heart of Manhattan. Regular socialites of the infamous "Studio 54" disco, they were soon to become the New York "scenesters", dressing the style icons of the era. The unexpected twist came when Vicki and Karen were working with a fashion designer on their catwalk show. Frustrated at finding no one that would lend them jewellery to accessorize the collection, the pair began stringing crystals and beads on suede and thus the legacy of Erickson Beamon was born. Vicki and Karen were instantly attributed as designing the hippest jewellery around. Their explosion onto the fashion scene was hastily picked up on, soon retailers and press came knocking and it seemed the young company was destined to be a triumph.

In 1985 Erickson Beamon's success travelled across the Atlantic when Vicki Beamon relocated to London to personally oversee the European market. The business consistently grew from strength to strength, and in 1995 the renowned Erickson Beamon boutique opened its doors for the first time. Based in the luxurious locale of Belgravia, London, this is where you will still find the store today. Erickson Beamon's design ethos is as vast and varied as its customers.

Erickson Beamon continues to evolve and expand over the years. Realising the growth of the luxury goods market and the attraction to the qualities of semi precious and precious stones the boutique now boasts a range of exquisite semi precious jewellery in 22 kt gold. In addition Erickson Beamon premiered its first diamond and 18kt white gold collection in 2004 to celebrate 21 years in the business.

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