Igor Chapurin was born in 1969 in Velikye Luki, a little town close to the frontier with Belarus. His grandfather was a pioneer and specialist in the production of linen, while his parents ran a sewing factory. He graduated from the Vitebsk Technological College with the specialty "designer women's clothing." Then he worked as an artist-designer senior level in local couture.

In 1991, Igor entered Vitebsk Technological Institute, after which he received his degree as Fashion designer. In 1991 he was accepted as the first-year student at the Institute of Engineering in Vitebsk. And he followed selfish ends since he was planning to take part in the Competition of Young Designers held to honor Nina Ricci and only students were allowed to that. And Chapurin was lucky, he fell in the top ten winners and in December 1992 he visited Paris presenting Russia at the Х International FestiIgor Chapurinval of Young Designers. The Competition was sponsored by the UNESCO and such celebrities as Sonia Rykiel, Kenzo and Pierre Cardin were presented in the jury. Paris newspapers published that another star is shined in Vitebsk after Chagal.

After Igor was trained in Paris, he was invited by the Company «Мах Мага». However he rejected that offer. The young designer was offered rather alluring perspectives - he proceeded to creating dresses for the Beauty Queens. So, starting from the year 1992 all Russian beauties competing for «Miss World», «Miss Universe», «Miss Europe», «Miss International», «Miss Eurasia and Oceania», «Miss Russia» and so forth presented evening gowns by Igor Chapurin. Dresses by Chapurin are likely to bring luck and in 1993 Yulia Alekseeva was awarded «Vice-Miss Europe» in her elegant outfit by Igor Chapurin made of 45 meters of green silk fabric with rococo elements. Following such success Igor receives invitations to design seven evening gowns for the finalists of the first «Miss Russia» Competition.

In 1994, Igor Chapurin presents his collection at the "International Days of Fashion" in Bulgaria. A year later, he first shows one of their collections in Moscow, calling it "To Russia with love". On this occasion, specially came president of the Committee elegance of France "by Roger Seyler, who immediately after the show ordered thirty costumes for the show" Miss Europe-96. That year, Igor invented a unique way of embroidery. He, like Valentin Yudashkin is the hallmark of his style. The designer has combined gold threads, beads and coral, creating a dress for Tamara Gvardtsitelli, in which she performed at Carnegie Hall.

In 1995, the designer has become popular in Russia now. Among his clients over the years 1995-1998 have become not only famous figures of culture and art, but also companies such as "Rene Garraud", "Estee Lauder" and the fashion house "Galitzine".

In 1999, opened the first boutique fashion house "CHAPURIN COUTURE" in Moscow. In the same year, Igor, together with the jewelry company "Vasily Konovalenko ART" (New York), created the first jewelry collection of diamonds and sapphires. In the same year, the fashion designer begins to work on costumes for theatrical productions, developing a collection for the play "Woe from Wit. Then, the designer designed the costumes for productions of "The Little Prince", "Kitchen", "Farewell, Marlene. Hello., "" Demon ", as well as for the ballet" Madame Lionel. " The professionalism of the designer was recognized in 2005 the Bolshoi Theater, which gave the right to Igor Chapurin create a scenic design and costumes for ballets. As a result, the designer created a collection of performances for "The game of cards" and "The Omen."

In 2003, Igor Chapurin again decided to expand its activities and opened a new line under the brand name "CHAPURIN CASA", the designs of furniture, light, flooring and interior. In addition, the Fashion House "CHAPURIN COUTURE" produces a collection of children's clothing "CHAPURIN CHILD" and ski clothes "CHAPURING".

In 2006, opened the official headquarters of the company "CHAPURIN", where in addition to office space, were placed production and design shop, design office furniture lines, three showroom and boutique.

The Look

Despite the fact that the designer is often appealing to the Russian culture, introducing into their collections kokoshniki or so called "Russian straw", he also uses the designs of different countries, as well as specialized high-quality fabrics and accessories from Italy and France. The designer has consistently demonstrated their collections in Europe, which promotes a unique Russian style. For example, in 1998, Igor presented his collection in Paris on "European ball”.

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