Born in 1975 in Pompeii, near Naples, Francesco Scognamiglio opened his first atelier when he was 23. Since then his career has been constantly on the rise and has since then experienced successes and received positive feedback from the fashion community.

Scognamiglio designs his collections for the ‘ideal woman’, someone who is a ‘modern icon of strength’. He is most inspired by women such as Italian actress Valerina Golino and Charlotte Gainsbourg from France. He says that his mother was the greatest influence in his life and he describes her as very elegant woman, who has always driven him to success in his career. She died in 2007 and he dedicated one of his most celebrated collections to her.

He is currently based in Italy, but he is looking forward to moving to Paris. For him, Milan is the business and financial capital for fashion, but Paris is the place where a fashion designer can develop. He also says that he is very happy for his colleagues, who already have taken residency in Paris, and adds that he hopes to one day follow in their footsteps.

The Look

His designs often characterised by a strange dichotomy between research, experimentation and avant-garde inspirations on one side and the traditional principles of the Neapolitan tailoring school on the other.

Who Wears It

Lady Gaga, Madonna,

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