Gaetano Navarra is an Italian fashion designer with a clothing label in his name.

The Gaetano Navarra fashion can be considered an unpredictable, modern, and everything but a taken for granted style; his experience grew in his family’s knitting industry, and later made good use of the technical know-how thus creating his own exceptionally innovative image. Already in 1986, his frist pret-a-porter knitwear collection was in the fashion shows in Bologna, and in 1991, in occasion of the Milano Collezioni event, he aroused the interest of the international press, which recognized a young talent in him that had to be followed with great interest. Geatano Navarra represents the professionalism of a family business conjugated with the trends of the new generations. A designer-made knitwear, born for the contemporary way of life, knit with modern techniques on unusual material, with dazzling colours and sensual lines; a collection that was exported abroad with great success, and awarded by the attention that all media dedicated to it. Important professional collaborations, such as the stylistic consultancy for Genny Maglia, and for prestigious Italian groups, made people talk about him and about his “sense of humour “. A name that is projected towards the future, as his knitwear made of young-styled garments created for the woman who feels self-confident, and made with the satire of a contemporary style.

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