Born in Milan on the 27th of February 1975, Gabriele Colangelo was undoubtedly "born into the profession", as he is the heir of a family that for generations owned a specialized fur workshop characterized by bespoke culture, and by delightful craftsmanship in processing techniques and use of materials.

After obtaining his high school diploma in classical subjects and while taking a Degree in Antique Literature, Gabriele Colangelo took part in a competition organized by the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, winning a scholarship as Fashion Stylist.

In the course of a few years he reaped diverse and significant experience. For four years he collaborated with Itierre Spa, designing the Versace Jeans Donna line. After this first job, he collaborated with Versace, with Roberto Cavalli for the Just Cavalli Donna project and with the Mariella Burani Fashion Group, for whom he was Artistic Director for the Amuleti J line.

In February of 2008, during Milano Moda Donna, his label Gabriele Colangelo debuted. The young designer introduced a capsule-collection, in which his genetic propensity for craftsmanship fur was combined with embroidery. Finally, in July, he won "Who is on next?" for pret-a-porter, a competition invented and managed by AltaRoma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, aimed at seeking new creative talents in fashion and accessories.

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