• Gabriella Cortese is an Italian fashion designer based in Paris. She was born in Turin where she enjoyed a well-behaved childhood. Her Hungarian grandmother taught her how to embroider, while her mother embodied the model of eternal elegance.
  • As an eighteen-year-old art student, Gabriella decided to move to Paris to learn French and to try to earn some money there. While discovering the wild nightlife, she met Christophe Sauvat at the “Crazy Horse Saloon”.
  • During her journey to Tibet, Bali and India she get inspired by different technique for printing silk, embroidery and bandhani, and artisanal dyeing prosess, and created her first range of pareos.
  • Back in Paris in 1992, she co founded together with Christophe Sauvat Antik Barik.
  • Married to the actor Marc Rioufol, and mother of little Nicola, Gabriella has been designing a children’s collection since 2001. Passionate about decorative arts, she also adapts the richly colored universe of ANTIK BATIK for home décor in partnership with home specialists.

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