• Christophe Sauvat is a French fashion and accessories designer who began his artistic journey in the early 80’s by designing clocks and watches, which brought him several awards in France.
  • Later Sauvat moved to Brazil where he began making and exporting the famous Brazilian thread bracelets. In a period of two years he had sold over 8 million of them. Bracelets that were worn by everyone from royalty, celebrities and artists alike; and photographed for magazines such as ELLE France among others.
  • In 1992 Sauvat turned his attention to another project and co founded Antik Batik, a ready-to-wear brand, in Paris. Over a period of 15 years the company grew to become a household name. But however after another successful business Christophe sold his share of the company in 2007.
  • His continuous efforts have led him to work for several high-profile brands like Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, L’Artisan du Luxe, Antik Denim and Pratt’s Denim.
  • Today Christophe is based in Lisbon Portugal, where he launched his new women’s wear line that bears his name.

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