Filippa Martina Knutsson is a Swedish fashion designer and one of the two founders of Filippa K. She was born on November 12, 1965 in Stockholm. Filippa Knutsson is the daughter of Lasse Knutsson, who rans the fashion chain, Gul & Bla (Yellow & Blue), and the artist Martina Clason.

Having been educated in London, Filippa returned to her native Stockholm in the mid-80’s to work for the successful family-owned fashion company Gul& Bla, initially as a buyer and later as a product manager. After six years Filippa decided to start her own business designing clothes that she felt were simply missing in the marketplace – uncomplicated and yet modern clothes to suit every occasion.

In 1993, Filippa Knutsson together with her colleague Patrik Kihlborg founded the fashion label Filippa K. Karin Segerblom who previously worked as a designer at Gul&Bla also joined the company at an early stage.

In its first year of trading the three ran the business from home and their entrepreneurial spirit allowed the brand to grow quickly.

In 2008 Filippa Knutsson was awarded Gunilla Arhéns Model Price and in 2010 she was awarded the Royal Patriotic Society Business Medal for outstanding entrepreneurship that have contributed to the Swedish business development.

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