About the designer

Eduardo Trevino is a Mexican fashion designer and one of the owners of the fashion brand Cubo.

Job activities & experiences

In 1989, Eduardo started to design clothes in his hometown in Monterrey. After 10 years he moved to Mexico City to make a creative rest, but after two years his passion for fashion and design overtook him and he returned back to the creative process.

At that time he met Mauricio Ibinarriaga, a marketer and publicist, with whom he decided to start designing and selling swimsuits.

In 2005, they opened their own shop named Trend to promote CUBO, their own line of clothing for men and women, as well as supporting other new designers such as Regina Reyna, CĂ­trico, Laura Carrillo and Roberto Villarreal. Furthermore they also launched a line of mens swimwear under the name SITGES.

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