About the designer

Carla Fernández is a Mexico City fashion designer working with traditional Mexican styles and textiles in an unconventional way.

Origin (family backround, birth)

Fernandez grew up in the north of Mexico in a town by Laredo right by the Texan border, and used to buy traditional pieces from artisans who’d set up shop outside huge archeological attractions. Later, when Fernandez went to fashion school, she noticed that none of those intricate techniques figured into the curriculum at all. Unlike the Western model of pattern-making, indigenous clothes are based on a geometric system. Clothes are pieced together from large rectangular shapes, triangle and squares—the most iconic of which is called the Huipil. Fernandez has crafted Flora, her line of clothing using these traditional forms as a basis, and likes to think of her operation as a traveling laboratory. Working in collaboration with rural communities, there are Flora workshop dotted all over the country. And while the designs are ultimately part of Fernandez’s vision, the collaborative process helps feed ancients ideas into a new arena.

Job activities & experiences

Fernandez was chosen as the winner of the British Council’s International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award in 2008. She is a visiting lecturer at Harvard University, MIT and the CCA Kitakyushu.

The Look

Carla Fernandez’s style has been described as a unique adaptation that lifts tradition
 from the realm of the static and fashion from the realm of the ephemeral.

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