David Cardona introduces his first collection after spending the last five years as assistant designer to Richard Tyler. It was at Tyler that David refined his appreciation for immaculate tailoring and luxurious fabrics while learning all aspects of the business.

Prior to his career in fashion design, Cardona worked as an engineer, designing for military and commercial aircraft at the McDonnell Douglas Corp. His engineering background is evident in his standard for flawless detail and the techniques used to shape the suits.

While still working full time as an engineer, Cardona earned a degree in Fashion Design from FIDM and graduated top of his class. Once out of school, he went straight to work for the designer he most admired, Richard Tyler.

In February of 1997 David joined John Bowman to form Bowman Cardona. John Bowman is the founder of Chrome Hearts, internationally known for its high-end leather clothing and intricate sterling silver and gold jewelry.

Their collection is currently available at Les Habitudes in Los Angeles and by custom order through the design studio. The men's line is made to order through the studio.

The Look

David Cardona Latin American origins infuse a heady dose of sex and sensuality into his clothes

Who Wears It

Seal, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandros, Raquel Welch and Costas Mandylor

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