Rossella Jardini took over the Moschino house in 1994 after the tragic death of the founder, Franco Moschino. She was born in Bergamo in 1952. She, as the creative director of all lines of Moschino, has held the brand strong and trendy. She started her career first by selling clothes rather than designing them. However, she had an encounter with Nicola Trussardi in 1976 which she became an assistant in leather product development of the company. She soon moved on to create her own label with two friends but after meeting Moschino, she became his assistant once again and permanantly settled there by 1984. Ten years later, Jardini took over the brand as Moschino has wished her to before his death. She continues to place the philosphy -parody and stereotype - of the brand at heart by shocking and teaching the market to this day.

Who Wears It

What she has done is transform the Moschino brand into its modern incarnation after the death of the Milan company's founder and her great friend, Franco Moschino, from AIDS in 1994. Though she may not put pen to drawing board, she supervises a talented group of designers, window dressers, and image makers for the house. "They see me as a type of muse," she says of her team. But it is her unique eye that has specifically kept the witty spirit of Moschino alive, and a glance at her whimsical apartment shows her good taste — and eccentric style — at work.
But she is a great lover of a uniform. For work, it's tailored pants and a man's shirt — Moschino signatures — with loads of gold jewelry. And at night, she relies on two shirtdress styles (one long, one short, both in silk) that she has in four colors each, including her favorite color, chartreuse.

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