About the designer

Cris Barros is a Brazilian fashion designer.


She got first in contact with the fashion world as a model and she ones appeared on the cover of Capricho. She followed his modeling career until she ended the school of fashion in Sao Paulo. Dissatisfied with the course, Cris decided to study at the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, and went on to work at the atelier of Stephan Janson.

Back in Brazil, she joined the marketing departments of clothing manufacturer Zoomp and Internet portal IG, while still working on her own style of clothing. All this experience and a feeling that there was an opportunity in the market for her distinguished fashion, led the designer to establish her brand in 2002.

The Look

Cris creates clothes that express her feelings and draws inspiration from experiences felt as she works on the collection. The designer also resorts to old memories and trips, people she met, and her passion for fashion and art, which she exercises being an avid reader and big movie fan.

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