Ece Ege was born in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. She spends her youth, beside her jeweller father, in the heart of the ancient metropolis, rich in history and architecture.

With her A-levels in her bag, Ece spent few years travelling before settling in Paris to do her fashion design studies in Esmod.

For her first collection in 1991, Ece Ege created 13 shirts in white poplin, conceived a bit for herself. The success lad to the launching of her pret-a-porter line DICE KAYEK in 1992.

With Dice, her second line launched in 1994, Ece proposes an “everyday” fashion, casual and colourful, in softer prices.

From the workshop located in an Eiffel style building, Dice Kayek and Dice express a luxurious atmosphere of magical oriental souks and Bosphorus charm, which still caresses Ece’s memory.

In 2003, she was chosen Femme en Or which is an award given to the most successful women in France.

The Look

The seasons pass, and the silhouettes, eternally sophisticated, play willingly with contrast: voluminous skirts flirt with small blouses, tailor suits adjusted to waistline, small chest dresses marry with wide trousers. Today Ece favours mixing, preferring a universe swinging between tradition and modernity, keeping the same old luxury obtained by careful details research and attention for well made: a game of seams, collars and sleeves, unsuspected pleats, myriad hand-made embroideries.

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