After leaving Art college in London Claire joined a band as vocalist and bassist, so giving her the chance to wear her collection of customized charity shop and flea market finds ‐ fantastic vintage pieces perfect for the stage.This love of bold fashion statement and glamour became her main interest and she began work as a costumier for theatre and film giving her knowledge of pattern cutting and construction from period costume to contemporary and futuristic. From here came her work as a costume designer / stylist for pop promos and commercials in London alongside which she had her own label which she sold to small boutiques and on Portebello market which eventually became ethical label Anatomy.

With the new label she combined all the experience gained working in costume and fashion. Her designs show influences from the glamorous years of early Hollywood , the sculptured tailoring of Parisienne couture and the space age look of the 60’s.

The Look

All made in England ,using end of line fabrics and fabrics from sustainable sources such as hemp, organic cotton, wild silk and bamboo ,Anatomy is part of a new move away from the fast fashion to appeal to the more ethically aware consumer. The label is aimed at professional women who want stylish, tailored, feminine clothing , classic pieces they can wear from season to season. Slow, cleaner fashion that is chic and desirable.

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