Fashion designer and artist Carol Kauffmann is a young and dynamic entrepreneur. Born and raised in the midst of one of the most prosperous textiles companies in Brazil, she graduated in Business and Arts in Boston, MA.

Back home, she started a fashion revolution in the family business. New fibers research, sophisticated manufacturing processes, chemical secrets, every single detail needed to develop her unusual ideas was a challenge, a discovery, a new cultural adventure and, most of all, satisfaction.

For eleven years she travelled, observed, learned and acquired know how to turn her inspirations into unique products.

Weaves, colors, prints, textures, finishing: Kauffman became a style specialist.

The Look

Carol Kauffman’s jewellery is influenced by her family’s textile business in Brazil. Her work uses 18ct gold mesh and semi-precious stones referencing Ancient Egypt, Art Deco and her research into historical textile designs. She uses mesh-like fabric that shapes itself to the body, and the bright colours of the stones reflect her Brazilian home.

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