British pearl designer Christianne Douglas is acclaimed for her design flair as well as her ability to select and source the right pearls to achieve a fresh look in pearl jewellery design. She is acknowledged as one of the few pearl specialists and pearl jewellery designers in the U.K.; her ancestors include well-respected pearl specialists and jewellers - A & J Jewellers - in Aberdeen.

Christianne was born and brought up in Mexico, the daughter of two well-known British artists. She was exposed from birth to creativity and the discipline of good design, learning from an early age the importance of mixing colour and texture to achieve an effect pleasing to the eye. Having fallen in love with the lustre of pearls she decided to specialise in them and found artistic expression in her pearl jewellery designs.

Christianne lived for extended periods of time in Hong Kong and Malaysia where her knowledge of pearls began to develop; at this time her extensive contacts with pearl, gemstone and gold producers were established.

With her vast knowledge and experienced eye as to quality and lustre in pearls, Christianne is in the enviable position of being able to match the perfect pearl tone to each individual. She can tailor pearl designs which will totally match her client's colouring and personality, creating designs that will stand the test of time and become an heirloom to be treasured from one generation to the next.

Christianne's knowledge of pearls is such that she gives lectures on the quality, beauty and history of pearls to such diverse audiences as the GIA, the Gemmological Association in London and various business and charitable groups.

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