About the designer

Alberto Sabino is a famous Brazilian jewelry designer and photographer. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the Zuza Angel Fashion Institute in Rio de Janeiro.

Origin (family backround, birth)

He was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil on July 2, 1952.


Soon after his birth, his family moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he later studied and did post-graduate in Economics.

Job activities & experiences

In 1980, while worked at the Chase Manhattan Bank in Rio de Janeiro, Alberto decided to move to Germany. Shortly after he decided to travel all over Europe, from Greece to Norway that allowed him to experiment with different cultures and landscapes. He lived in Dusseldorf, Munich, Lisbon and finally in New York, amassing a quantity of cultural information that later provided him inspiration for the beauty of his jewelry.

After his round trip, he moved back to Rio de Janeiro, where he founded a jewelry company together with his family. Afterwards one of the most important Brazilian soap opera writers, Gilberto Braga, wrote “Brilliant”, a story about a jewelry designer, Luisa, played by actress Vera Fisher. Accordingly, Alberto Sabino used to go to Rede Globo, to train Vera Fischer about jewelry and to help build the studio of Luisa's atelier.

Alberto Sabino’s jewelry collections were presented at official fashion shows in Rio de Janeiro, and sold throughout the country and abroad.

In the early 1990s, Alberto decided to go back to Europe due to an invitation of Tania, to help bring up a new market in the business. However, because of the distance the relationship did not improve.

In search for new sensations cultural inspirations to enrich his creations, Alberto Sabino decided to travel to the Far East: he visited China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Bali and other countries. This trip led to a collection.

Not only the beauty of nature, but also the architectural beauties like the hotel Cipriani in Venice, Villa Principe Leopoldo in Luganao, Hotel d’inghilterra in Rome, “Relais et Châteaux” in France and the Four Seasons in Milan, had been an inspiration for the designer. A long list of impressions has enriched his inspirations, always based on beauty.

In 1996 the first Alberto Sabino Collection was introduced to the press.

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Kim Cattrall

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