Alberto Biani was born in Noventa Vicentina. He graduated in philosophy in Bologna in 1971. At that time he started working for King’s Jeans.

In 1976 he created the line of pret-a-porter "New York Industrie". In 1984 he founded the Staff International, which initially produced the collection New York Industries Women, and later the New York Industries Men's line. Between 1987 and 1995 he collaborated with Valentino for the creation of the brand Oliver woman and men’s.

In January 1996, he leaves the Staff International and to launch his own label, headquartered in Noventa Vicentina. In March of that year he made his debut with the first Women's Collections bearing his name on the catwalks of Milan. In 1998 he launched the younger line "AB ALBERTO BIANI" and in 2001 Alberto Biani became a joint stock company. In 2002 he opened his first show room in Milan, following by a second one in Rome in 2007.

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