About the designer

Adriana Barra is a Brazilian fashion designer.

Origin (family backround, birth)

She was born in London on February 25, 1974. Since her childhood Adriana was interested in art and culture under the influence of her mother, who had carried the manual work such as porcelain painting and crochet. Although she wanted to be a pediatrician, she used to spend hours playing with the sewing box of her mother.


She graduated in Styling at the Faculty Santa Marcelina and in Photography at the Escola Panamericana der Arte, both in Sao Paulo.

She then lived in Florence, Italy where she studied Interior Design. Followed by courses in Art, in London.

Job activities & experiences

She then worked as art director for advertising film in television. In addition she also has been a member of the bikini brand Cade Leila?.

In December 2002 she opened her own shop and launched her brand that bears her name.

The Look

Adriana Barra’s creations bring many references to her personal universe in exclusive parts and customized pieces. The influences of the antique traditions of Europe, respect for femininity, romanticism and creative strengths can be recognized in her collections.

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