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Lourdes and Jose Maria Gracia


Zampiere was founded in Illueca in Zaragoza in the 1960s. It is still a family company, which, now in its third generation, has been able to evolve and it is now one of the leading firms in the men’s footwear industry.

Quality, design, comfort and research are some of the pillars around which Zampiere’s many years of activity have been based. The desire to do things well has led the company to move away from traditional processes to more advanced industrialised systems, because the company believes that investing in the future is a necessity.

Its success is supported by the use of high quality leather; a team of designers with great future vision; working with the latest trends; and a commercial network that has opened doors for the company to the most demanding international markets in the five continents, including Italy, France, the UK, Norway, the US, Portugal, Malaysia, South Africa and Australia. It is also pursuing new challenges in Eastern European countries.

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