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founded by

Fawaz Alhokair

belongs to

AL-HOKAIR group, Saudi Arabia, Dubai


Xanaka is the fashion brand catering to young modern women up to 35 years for daily use or for special, more exceptional occasions. More than 10 years already, Xanaka combines fashion and femininity and offers fashion-savvy pieces for accessible prices. Their collections are defined as quite young and funky with unusual detailing and trend influenced garments.

Xanaka also produces cosmetics and accessories.

Company growth’s chronology

In 1999 Xanaka founded the first stores in France and Germany.

Between 2001 and 2004 Xanaka expanded into Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia.

In 2005 Xanaka started to expand in The UAE and Qatar.

In 2007 Xanaka was introduced in Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Romania, Slovenia.

Althought Xanaka is a relatively young company, it already has 190 branches opened in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and Italy and Belarus.

Xanaka rapidly gaining the love of women throughout Europe and is constantly expanding, opening more new branches, also allowing the order clothing through its online store, which delivers the desired item anywhere in the world.

The Look

Xanaka designed to meet the needs of young contemporary women to look beautiful, stylish and fashionable. Clothing is available in four fashion formats, namely: urban, evening, casual and new style, and helps to select an appropriate thing for any occasion.
Xanaka pays great attention to individual clients, practicing their own approach to each customer. After all, women, dressed in Xanaka, attach great importance to its appearance and follow the latest fashion trends.

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