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Quebec, H2V 4E4
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Waxman is one of the most respected and known Canadian ready-to-wear and made-to-measure formalwear brands, celebrating and renovating tuxedos as their main trade mark staple.

Few families can boast a successful business that spans three generations. Not to mention that few boutiques can claim they have operated out of the same location for over 75 years. But Waxman certainly can.

In 1927, Wolf (Willi) Waxman opened for business at 4605 Avenue du Parc shortly after arriving from Lodz in Poland. His shop's specialty was wedding dresses and evening gowns. Word spread quickly about Waxman's great talent for tailoring, and it wasn't long before the bourgeoisie of Montreal was lining up to admire his creations. Even the nieces of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis were to become loyal customers.

Aswell customers were welcome to have a custom-made tuxedo by making an appointment with Waxman's in-store tailor. For the very best in tuxedos and formal wear accessories, they should have payed a visit to the Waxman boutique in order to be guaranteed to come out looking their best.

It was Waxman's 14-year-old son Hershie who began to slowly steer the shop toward making and renting tuxedos. The untimely passing of William Waxman in 1960 marked a definite turning point for the clothier: from then on, Waxman would specialize in full evening dress.

Though the founder's grandson William P. Waxman has brought a youthful perspective to the business, he always stays in touch with the traditions laid down by his predecessors. In 1998, he completely renovated the ancestral home of the family business, turning it into a veritable showpiece that won the grand prize in the 1999-2000 Commerce Design Montréal, and brought the shop unprecedented media coverage. Today Waxman stands poised to take things to the next level by introducing an exclusive made-to-measure service. William P. Waxman's constant drive to take on new challenges proves beyond a doubt that he inherited his family's business savy.

The store's present owner has continued in his predecessor's footsteps, focusing on quality and elegance. Recently, Waxman won the Grand Prize Award in the renowned Commerce Design Montreal Contest which congratulates noticeable achievers within the metropolis business fields. The refined Waxman boutique both sells and rents out a number of brand name and ready-to-wear tuxedos, by such designers as Ralph Lauren, Samuelsohn, Lubiam, Geoffrey Beene and Fumgali as well as Waxman's own private collection.

The Look

Formal wear with tuxedo as the main company's accent

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